Mission statement

Friends of Sixteen Island Lake is a volunteer association committed to representing the interests of Sixteen Island Lake and area through the protection, promotion and conservation of its natural and historic environment.


  • To preserve and enhance the quality of Sixteen Island Lake, its watershed and surrounding area.
  • To be a liaison between the community and the council and to be proactive about official plans, by-laws, and building codes affecting lake area property.
  • To monitor developments which affect the environment of Sixteen Island Lake and area .
  • To educate and assist with the conservation of native habitat through protection of land in the watershed area.
  • To inform members of through a website, newsletters and General Meetings.
  • To represent the needs of its members and future generations and to promote a sense of community.

In September, 2005, a group of interested individuals gathered to discuss the need for a Lake Association in view of the upcoming election. This led to the appointing of a Founding Committee which worked through the winter to organize and plan for the formation of the Association. Our first general meeting was held in June, 2006. Officers were elected, by-laws were passed and the members discussed their concerns and priorities for the upcoming summer. Based on this and other meetings, committees were decided upon, members volunteered and held committee meetings. Reports and recommendations from these committees are included in this presentation. We now represent 82 paid memberships which includes 151 people.

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