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Friends of the Lake was first formed in 2006 with a vision; to preserve Sixteen Island Lake, to be a liaison between the community and the council, to monitor the environment, to educate about conservation of the Lake and watershed, to keep members informed, and to represent the needs of members and future generations.

We presently find ourselves at one of our most challenging times. Recent developments continue to raise concerns about the future of Sixteen Island Lake. The response from our members and friends for numerous calls to action has been excellent. Unfortunately the difficulties are expected to continue for the immediate future. At the same time we are planning to expand our environmental program, continue the support of the conservation education program, keep timely information flowing to members in French and English, publish an annual lake calendar, publish a Lake telephone directory, and bring a web site on line.

Your indispensable support as a member of Friends of the Lake will allow us to continue with our mission. If you are already a member, thank you for your commitment to Friends of the Lake and to the future of our lake. If you are not a member, please join Friends of the Lake and add your voice to our efforts. The number of members is very important to our voice when representing our community.

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Membership payments and forms can be sent to our postal address:   C.P. 74, Lac-des-seize-iles, QC J0T2M0 (cheques can be made out to: Friends/Amis-du-lac)
Annual membership is now $40 (plus any amount for donations supporting Jean-Louis Corteau’s environmental initiatives or the on-going monitoring work supporting the Biofilia study)
Membership Benefits

Communication and Information

Communication and information is a prime importance to members of Friends/Amis. An interactive website and an annual email report to membership keeps members up to date on issues of concern such as: Municipal council actions, bylaws, taxes, elections, environmental issues, land development, boating, wharf availability, association events, etc. Members also receive communiqués which provide information of immediate importance and where quick action is required.

Watershed Environment Program

A watershed environment plan inventories the watershed and potential impacts on the lakes. Member volunteers measure pertinent parameters and then make an assessment of the relative health of the watershed. The Biofilia Study is one such effort.

Land Use Planning

Member volunteers monitor the land use and planning within the watershed and work with the Municipal council on items of mutual interest. The pressure for development will continue to increase, so the association is an important asset should a situation arise. Land trusts are another important method to protect the Lake watershed.


Municipal affairs, taxes, budgets, bylaws, and elections are items of concern. The association, along with member volunteers, is informed and in turn informs the membership. The association also offers a means for the municipality to communicate to a large number of residents.


Share information developed by volunteer members such as, cottage watch security, parking lot security, fire protection, cottage succession, cottage insurance, and a telephone directory.


Events by Friends/Amis bring together members from the village, the Lake, and Lac Laurel. This can involve events dealing with water testing, a shoreline cleanup, or a shoreline planting day. Walks and hikes with informed leaders are held to learn about our lake watershed, its flora, wildlife and birds. These events also represent a great opportunity to get kids involved.

Other lake and area associations

Friends/Amis is in touch with other lake associations on items of mutual interest and joins together for concerns of a larger nature. In the recent past other associations have come to the Lake to speak to us at special assemblies. There is strength in the number of lake associations working together.

Participation and involvement

Friends/Amis offers an opportunity to directly participate in the present and future of the Lake and watershed. The strength of many active members in an association achieves much more than individual efforts alone. Join a committee in an area of your interest. Lend your experience, expertise or your enthusiasm with hands on participation. Teach our youth.

Membership Benefits at a Glance


  • Interactive web site
  • Newsletter email
  • Communiqués

Watershed Environment program:

  • Watershed environment plan
  • Watershed inventory

Land use planning:

  • Land development
  • Land trusts
  • Bylaws


  • Municipal affairs and bylaws
  • Elections
  • Taxation
  • Budget


  • Telephone directory


  • Instructional walks (flora &fauna)
  • Education of our youth

Other lake and area associations:

  • Information and strength from many

Participation and involvement:

  • Opportunity to participate and get involved.

Click here to access the *new* 2024 online membership form 

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