Privacy Policy

  • The membership list, which includes personal information, (name, address, telephone number and e-mail) is to be protected.
  • Access to the list will be limited to the Friends/Amis board of directors and Communications Chairman.
  • The database manager will assume responsibility for updating the information.
  • The list is to be used for clearly defined purposes by Friends/Amis. These include:
    Newsletters, Information flyers, Notification of activities, dates, meetings that the Friends/Amis directors agree are pertinent to our membership and related to our mandate. Consultation of members regarding special issues, which a majority of directors agree, may be of concern to the property owners.
  • Friends/Amis does not disclose the personal information list to a third party for any use without additional informed consent.
  • Personal information will be deleted when a person no longer lives within the community or at the request of an individual.
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