Watershed: Planning and Management

Watershed Planning and Management is a cooperative effort made by residents, municipalities and

government to create long term plans for resources within a watershed.

Important definitions are:

Watershed – also known as a catchment or basin is the land drained by a river and its tributaries.

Ecosystem – consists of air, land, water and living organisms, including humans, and the

interactions among them.

The goal of watershed planning and management is to provide a framework to protect, maintain and

restore a healthy natural watershed system, balancing environment, social and economic needs.

Why does 16 Island Lake need a watershed plan?

To protect sensitive spawning areas, wetlands, shorelines threatened by proposed land use changes.

To balance water supply with water demand.

To set parameters for the municipality’s urban plan.

To deal with the constant effects of erosion and silting.

To help control the effects of pollution and overuse of resources.

A watershed is an ecosystem where natural components interact, including all water and water-dependent

land features. Be reminded that human activities have a direct influence on the quality and quantity of

surface water, groundwater and other natural resources in the watershed.

Sixteen Island Lake is a part of the Rouge River Watershed, and is represented by a volunteer who attends

meetings and events held by the South Rouge River Watershed Organization. This protective agency

addresses such needs as:

  • Identification of future development
  • Preparation of land management and infrastructure plans
  • Protection of natural resources including water supplies
  • Prevention of flood and erosion damage
  • Resolution of pretentious land use issues
  • Ability to make equitable, scientifically sound and economically feasible land use decisions

As land owners and residents of Sixteen Island Lake we are all responsible to take care of our watershed in

whatever capacity. Consider this:

On a Macro Level one can view the watershed on a regional basis, that being Sixteen Island Lake as a

whole. Taking care of the watershed on this level might at first seem to be an enormous undertaking, yet

even the most basic effort has a positive effect.

On a Micro Level one can view the watershed on a more personal basis, that being as a property owner

within the municipality of Sixteen Island Lake. Taking care of the watershed on this level is easily managed

when a property owner follows the by-laws of the municipality, such as following a septic system cleaning

schedule. And it is even easier when one enforces their own initiatives with composting household waste for

instance. All of this effort culminates into a very positive effect for the whole, that being Sixteen Island Lake.

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