Énoncé de mission

Les Amis du Lac des Seize Îles is an association of volunteers committed to representing the interests of Lac des Seize Îles and its surroundings and with the objective of protecting, promoting and conserving its natural environment and heritage. 


  • Preserve and enhance the quality of Lac des Seize Îles, its watershed and its surroundings.
  • Bridging the gap between the community and the city council by being proactive with official plans, municipal by-laws and building codes that affect properties located in the vicinity of the lake.
  • Monitor development projects that have an effect on the environment of Lac des Seize Îles and its surroundings.
  • Educate people about conserving natural habitats and help protect the lands in the watershed region.
  • Keep members informed through a website, newsletters and general meetings.
  • Represent the needs of its members and future generations while strengthening a sense of belonging to the community.

In September 2005, with the next election in sight, a group of people met to discuss the possibility of setting up a lake association. From this meeting was born a founding committee with the mandate to organize and plan, during the winter, the creation of the Association. Our first general assembly was held in June 2006. We elected various leaders, and we adopted the by-laws of the Association. At this first meeting, the members were able to discuss the questions and priorities that preoccupied them at the start of this summer. Following this meeting, as well as subsequent meetings, committees, to which members could join, were formed and committee meetings were held. The reports and recommendations of these committees are presented at the annual general meetings. The Association consists of a group of paying members of 82 members, representing 151 people.

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