Kids on the Lake

Update: September 2022. At the AGM, Connor Manrique-Johnson debuted his wonderful short film on operating a power boat in an envirnomentally freindly way. An outstanding effort and a very important message. Please take a look.

“Kids on the Lake” and 16islandlakelife Instagram account

Amis du lac wants to spread the word. For many of us, summers at the lake go back as far as we can remember. Others came to the lake once and fell in love with it. Keeping the lake traditions alive and the environment sustainable is something we are passionate about and share with family, friends and our children. It is critical that we engage the next generations, just as our parents, grandparents and friends passed on their heritage to us. A great way to describe that legacy and the place we can’t wait to get back to each summer is, “Lake Life.”  It conjures up all sorts of images of what the lake means to us. When you describe the things that are special about this place, you are describing Lake Life. The feature article “Queen of Clubs” in the June 2011 Cottage Life magazine portrays our Lake Life through the eyes of a visiting journalist – it’s very clear that we have a special place here.

Kids are passionate about it too. We asked youth council members what they thought about Lake Life . They loved our idea of a special Amis du lac membership for kids with its own identity and activities that promote environmental awareness in ways they relate to.  So “Kids on the Lake” has been launched, “Lake Life” stickers are available and a special Instagram account has been created – 16islandlakelife – which is managed by the “Kids on the Lake!”  Go ahead and follow 16islandlakelife – share your photos of what Lake Life is to you. The best way is to send your photos is via direct message to the 16islandlakelife Instagram account.  

The Bob Challenge

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